Clear Muscle - Your Solution For A Perfect Body

Many people want to have a beautiful body, so gyms are full of individuals who work out day and nigh, hoping one day they are going to have those big, lean muscles that attract all looks when wearing tight tees. Unfortunately, there are people who can't build muscular mass no matter what exercise routines they follow or how long they train each week. This problem can be solved by taking the right products to help you build muscle. Such products don't save you from the workout efforts, but results are going to be visible if you combine exercise with the right supplements.

Clear Muscle is the name of a product in the Performance series of pills from Muscletech. The main benefit of this pill is that it helps build lean muscle. The effectiveness of Clear Muscle is supported by a 12-week clinical study that showed an increase of the lean muscular mass, an increase of the muscle thickness and a gain in strength and power in those subjects who took the active pill.

The main ingredient of Muscletech’s clear muscle, a revolutionary compound that has the ability to help building muscle. Betator is a free acid derivative of HMB and metabolite of leucine. The most important thing about this compound is that it gets absorbed into the blood stream very fast, thus delivering a superior muscle absorption rate.

The Betator compound is 200 times more effective than whey protein powder. You would need to consume 200 grams of whey protein powder in order to obtain the same effect of a Clear Muscle pill which contains 1 gram of Betator. Moreover, Betator helps fighting catabolism, thus enabling for even more effective muscle building.

The clinical trial done on Betator showed that athletes who used it gained on average 16 lbs within the 12 weeks of the study. You can use the same training protocol as the athletes in the study, as it is not secret. It is worth mentioning here that the placebo group in the above mentioned trial put only an average of 5 lbs of weight following the same training routine as the other group. As you can see, even if you decide to give up the supplement, you can still build some lean muscle mass only by following this training which was developed by scientists.

Another study showed that Betator increases anabolism by 70% and decreases catabolism by 58%. The two effects combined lead to the excellent results obtained by athletes who used it during their training.

The supplement contains only safe ingredients, so you shouldn't have any problems in taking it. However, if you feel it is appropriate to consult with your doctor before taking it, please do so. Moreover, if you feel anything weird symptoms, discontinue use and seek for medical advice. Hopefully this won't be the case, as you are probably in perfect health if you follow a muscle building and regular training program at the gym.